About Me

I love fashion. It’s one of the best things about being a woman! Unfortunately women are often hit with images that tell us we’re not pretty enough, skinny enough, etc. And I just don’t believe that. Every woman is beautiful, and sometimes you need an outside, impartial eye to help you realize this.

My inspiration for this business was all the beautiful women in my life who look at me and appreciate my penchant for taking risks and daring to be different. And yet when I see them, I think they can have fun, take the same risks and be more beautiful than they already are! Women of every size are overwhelmed with unrealistic standards of beauty and constantly told we aren’t beautiful enough. Let me help you knock down those walls and realize your fashion potential. While I’m a curvy girl and work with a number of curvier women, I think women of every size could use a little inspiration and assistance to redefine or find their personal style.

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